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By this time, the fourth generation of our family farm is engaged in producing and processing ground paprika at Fajsz on nearly 30 hectares. Owing to the proximity of the Danube, the soil and microclimate of our crop lands ensure the production of ground paprika of excellent quality. Our goal is to make our premium products, that is, the pillars of the Hungarian cuisine available for the public.

Fajszipaprika Minőség és tradíció 1990 óta

- Excellent Primary Materials -


Our premium artisan products are made of carefully selected primary materials of own production, with traditional processes.

Fajszipaprika.hu Vonalas Rajz

Our ground paprika seed is placed in soil at spring by precision sowing. The live water of the Danube rich in nutrients is used for watering. Both the cultivation and the harvest of the sprouted paprika are performed exclusively with hand work, and only the first harvest is processed. This is followed by a six-week after-ripening, to gain more beautiful colour and more flavoursome taste as a result of sunlight. After drying, damaged pieces are picked out and the stem and core of the paprika are removed, consequently only the paprika of excellent quality is placed into the drier. The paprika is always freshly ground and packed hermetically without delay.

Our several-prize-winner paprika represents the highest quality on the domestic market.

In 2020, at the Great Taste Awards competition, also known as the Oscar of food products, our Vikica sweet ground paprika received two stars from the prestigious jury.

Our Vikica paprika was placed first among Hungarian producers at the joint ground paprika test of the Hungarian Cuisine Journal and the Pannon Academy of Gastronomy in 2020.

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Diningguide-Exkluzív-Riport-a-Fajszi-Paprika Manufaktúrával

Diningguide exkluzív riport a Fajszi Paprika Manufaktúrával – 2021

“Van egy család, akinek mindennél többet jelent a rubinvörös fűszer, a pirospaprika: ők a Fajszi Paprika Manufaktúra, akik már negyedik generáció óta foglalkoznak termesztéssel és feldolgozással. Jelenleg harminc hektáron folyik a termelés: Vikica fantázianevű paprikájukat a 2020-as nemzetközi Great Taste Awards két csillaggal is kitüntette.”

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